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Dear Yaoi Fangirls: I Hate You
It's true.
I hate yaoi fangirls, and I am one.
You may be looking at me with tears in your eyes right now and saying, "Why Chopstick... why?!"  
Well, I'm gonna tell you why.
1.  You're just writing about them because they're hot.
Let's just forget that they hated each other in the game.  Let's completely forget that both of them were completely straight and had loving girlfriends in the anime.  And heaven forbid I bring up the idea that they were really "just friends" in the manga.  I'm not really bitching about drabbles or crackfics so much as I am the fifty-page-long epics that completely ignore canon.  
Rinoa was just so whiny and Squall and Seifer were just SO KAWAII, you HAD to kill her or maim her or turn her into a ditzy bitch that Squall despised.  I hated her too, you know, but I'm not willing to actually sit down and write her out of the picture in such an abrupt and unlikely way it could be considered a cop-out.  For gods' sake, have pride in w
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Maneechan Chant
(Sorry, was in a hurry when I posted this.)

Aimee sipped a green tea in a quiet corner of The Café Cinagro, a cafe that sells all thing organic, located near Aimee's flat. She could scarce suppress a bitter smile when the song changed to "Deep, Deep Trouble" on her I Pod, as she recalls how she was already out of school for a month already. A month ago, Aimee had crept into her principal office and stolen the class's attendance record book, trying to alter her less than perfect attendance score, in a last ditch attempt to salvage her chance of remaining in High school. As her marks seriously were in dire danger of going into the negative range.but her principal acting on the tipped off of one of her friend, managed to caught Aimee just as she was looking through her class's attendance file.

The principal had angrily dragged the shocked Aimee out of the office, and threatened to expel her on the spot. Aimee mind went numb as she heard those words, but luckily the principal had calm down, and reduce Aimee's sentence to a 1 month suspension instead.

Aimee touched her face. She recalls how when she enters into the her three room flat, her mother had greeted her by smacking her across the face. Aimee's mother shouted and hurl vulgarities at her. She did not stop even after Aimee's face was swollen and beads of blood formed near her mouth. Aimee look at her mother with loathing, and run out of the house where she stumbles on to this newly opened cafe, the owner, an elegant lady in her thirties who speak with a Taiwanese accent have immediately instruct a waiter to brought out a first aid kit when she saw Aimee's face looking bruised and swollen. Aimee looked at her gratefully through tearful eyes, as the lady gently used a wet cloth to dab at her swollen face. Since then, Aimee had been a frequent customer to her cafe, the lady boss was kind to her, always making a point to gave Aimee piping hot drink when she was there, and some times even free meals, which Aimee was very touched as she could not believe in a society as lacking of empathy as Singapore, there still exist a lady who Aimee thought, is filled with the milk of human kindness.
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